04 . 01 . 2014

The Couple

a little bit about us and how we met

Niliksha Gunewardene

I was born in Colombo to a closely-knit family of four. I had a tumultuous childhood, ranging from sailing the high seas, crazy holidays with my family and moving countries thrice! I was educated at a multitude of schools both in Sri Lanka and New Zealand, beginning at Ladies College and ending at the Overseas School of Colombo.  I completed my Bachelors and Masters degrees at the University of Auckland and I am presently a final year PhD student at the University of Melbourne. Apart from spending long hours in a lab, I enjoy my daily chats with my mum on Skype, my Friday night dates with Evan (which hopefully includes Chinese food and a movie) and counting down the days till my next trip to Sri Lanka!

Evan Jaksa

As most of you may already know, I was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka. I arrived in Australia when I was four years old with my family and have lived in Melbourne ever since. I attended St Bernard’s College and completed my tertiary studies at La Trobe University. I am currently a Software Engineer at Suncorp and have worked there for over four years. Besides the monotonous facts, I would have to say that my main interests are the latest tech-gadgets, my puppy, Jamie, my car, playing Playstation and of course my wonderful wife to be Niliksha!


how we met

A mutual friend, Tehara introduced Evan and Niliksha to each other nearly five years ago at a fancy dress party.  During that time, Niliksha had just arrived from Auckland briefly to visit her parents in Melbourne. When she first met Evan, his first words were “Where in Melbourne is Auckland?” She was so bewildered by his question that the conversation abruptly ended there. Two years later she met him again at a friend’s party, the conversation was much longer, the chemistry was greater and they have been inseparable ever since! 

The Bridal Party

Who's who of the bridesmaids and groomsmen


Ayendri Kuruppu


Monique Jaksa


Nirmali Sivapragasam


Radhika Joseph


Tehara Jayawardana



Dineth Mapa


Harshana Hettiarachchi


Kanchana Pathirana


Leshan Gunewardene


Udana Divisekera



We hope you can make it!

The favour of a reply is requested by the 25th of November 2013


Ways to reach us

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The Big Day

the exchanging of vows and the celebrations

Church Ceremony

St. Theresa's Church at 4:15pm

Colombo 05
Sri Lanka


Cinnamon Grand Colombo at 7:15pm

77 Galle Road
Colombo 3
Sri Lanka